Why Reading Job Description is so Important ?

Hey Guys ,

I hope you doing great , today i wanted to share a true method of finding the correct resume and job responsibility technique . There is always a case when people like you and me joins a company with designation for example Operation Manager but the company gives him / her responsibility as Inventory management + Logistics management + MIS management and so on but the important thing is that he is doing just about 20% to 30% of his task which was actually about operation management , the list goes more worst when he will be doing operation supervisor task as 80% and 20% as manager role.

In this whole process , he would not be able to find himself that what would be his actually role play that leads to incompetency when he applies to new job since he does not know what he actually needs to do, therefore reading and understanding job template is very important.

For the staff who just started a small scale business who does not have professional staff that can describe job duties for their staff they can refer various website such as  www.jobdescriptionsample.org which is my favorite . There is also a case when a company wants to get ISO certification they needs to have Job Template, control documents etc processes in place so that they can get the certification easily .

Popular Website are

  1. http://www.monster.com/
  2. http://www.totaljobs.com/
  3. http://jobs.aol.com/

I hope you like it , please feel free to write back to us for any feedback .